The Inter-American Parliamentary Group on Population and Development -GPI (for its Spanish acronym) is a regional alliance of parliamentarians working across party lines to advance and promote laws and policies related to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), and gender equality.


GPI is the only parliamentary regional forum in the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region that is dedicated to advance and promote the Program of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) and the Beijing Platform for Action, adopting them as a compass that guides the work of parliamentarians in their national parliaments. The GPI network also includes Canada and the USA, as countries that that maintain a special relationship with LAC and to strengthen the role of these countries as partners for development.

Welcome from the GPI Secretariat

Welcome to our website!  Here you can learn about a parliamentary network fully committed to the fight for social justice and the struggle to eradicate poverty in our region.


For over thirty-five years GPI has been a catalyst for change —creating opportunities, fostering leadership and dialogue on SRHR issues.  We continue our efforts with a renewed focus, new brand and a visionary set of actions designed to  empower parliamentarians so that every person may live in a society where all the rights of individuals are respected. Today, we are at a forefront of a parliamentary movement in LAC with leaders who are making a difference in their countries moving forward the health and SRHR agenda.


We have compiled tools and resources which we hope will be useful to support your work.


Carla Rivera
Executive Director

Parliamentarians committed to the eradication of poverty are in a unique position to move the UHC agenda forward so that the right to health becomes a reality. 

GPI is an independent parliamentary network where members of parliament become affiliated based on their own personal commitment to social justice.  Through its Secretariat based in Panama City, Central America, GPI has supported parliamentarians through education and advocacy actions designed to move forward the sexual and reproductive health and rights agenda since the early 80s.


VISION : A Latin America and the Caribbean region where everyone exercises their right to health, sexual and reproductive health, and empowered women and girls live their lives free of violence and enjoy all their human rights.


GPI works with parliamentarians from the Western Hemisphere region who are members of national all-party groups affiliated to GPI where they can serve as a critical voice in support of health, sexual and reproductive health, gender equality and broader population and development issues. Through local chapters in each country, members of parliament participate at national, regional and global processes where they can discuss initiatives within the framework of the SDGs and the Montevideo Consensus adopted in 2013 in Uruguay. In the Caribbean, GPI hosts the Caribbean Parliamentary Forum (CPF), where parliamentarians promote the SRHR agenda from the Caribbean perspective.

GPI has consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 1998 

GPI’s network of committed parliamentarians have worked together to promote and advance reproductive health and rights for more than 35 years. Please see our introductory video launched in 2009 which provides an overview about the important role that parliamentarians play in advancing women’s rights and social justice. While some are no longer MPs,  their efforts have made a difference over the years.

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