Who We Are


Formed in 1982, the GPI is the catalyst and core of the parliamentary movement in the Americas and the Caribbean, whose aim is to advance human rights based population and development policies and programs, including sexual and reproductive health and gender equality. Our network also includes Canada and the US, as countries that continue to strengthen their commitment to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights for their own people and that have a special relationship to Latin America and the Caribbean as development partners.  


GPI is a neutral parliamentary forum for the exchange of information and experiences and in order to stimulate an open dialogue focusing  in areas such as universal health coverage, sexual reproductive health and rights, family planning, gender-based, violence, HIV and AIDS, gender equity and equality,  maternal mortality, early marriage, and women’s empowerment.

GPI serves established all-party parliamentary groups, in each country of Latin America and North America, as well as individual parliamentarians interested in working on SRHR issues.  


In the Caribbean, the GPI hosts the Caribbean Parliamentary Forum of Parlimentarians on Population and Development (CPF) with members from across the Caribbean Region, focusing on the priorities from this important sub region.


In 2014, GPI launched the Global Network of Parliamentarians on Universal Health Coverage, in Bellagio, Italy to spearhead parliamentary actions to promote UHC around the world.

Board of Directors

Governance Structure


GPI has a Board of Directors of seven parliamentarians representing each sub-region of the Western Hemisphere, and a Council made up of representatives from each national parliamentary group in each country. Board members are elected democratically by the Council. The officers of the Council and Board are also elected by the parliamentarians, thus ensuring a transparent and democratic process. All members must be parliamentarians in office to be part of GPI.

Hon. Maria Candelaria Ochoa, Mexico

Hon. Ana Carla Carrizo, MP Argentina

Hon. Indira Huilca, MP Peru

Hon. Volda Lawrence, MP Guyana

Hon. Guillermo Mata, MP El Salvador

President of the Board – Indira Huilca Flores, MP (Peru)

She is a Peruvian sociologist with a Master’s Degree in Political Science and Government. She is a Congresswoman representing Lima, and member of the New Peru Parliamentary party. Her parliamentary portfolio focuses on monitoring public policies for gender equality, attention to women’s rights and the fight against gender-based violence.  She was Chair of the Women and Family Commission between 2016-2017.  For the 2017-2018 term she was Chaired the Labor and Social Security Commission. She was also a Councillor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima in 2013, and integrated the Commissions on Urban Development, Environment, Women and Community Participation.

Email:info@iapg.org  |  Telf.: +507 6090-4053

Our Mission

Through its regional network in the Americas,  GPI mobilizes and supports parliamentarians, fostering an open dialogue and articulating concrete actions to achieve gender equality and the right to health and sexual and reproductive health, within of the framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Welcome from the GPI Secretariat

Welcome to our website!  Here you can learn about a parliamentary network fully committed to the fight for social justice and the struggle to eradicate poverty in our region.


For over thirty-five years GPI has been a catalyst for change —creating opportunities, fostering leadership and dialogue on SRHR issues.  We continue our efforts with a renewed focus, new brand and a visionary set of actions designed to  empower parliamentarians so that every person may live in a society where all the rights of individuals are respected. Today, we are at a forefront of a parliamentary movement in LAC with leaders who are making a difference in their countries moving forward the health and SRHR agenda.


We have compiled tools and resources which we hope will be useful to support your work.


Carla Rivera
Executive Director

GPI Member Groups
Parliamentary Network 

GPI’s work is enriched by the participation and involvement of parliamentarians from the Inter-American Region. We seek to promote the study and analysis among parliamentarians in the region of problems linked to population and development in order to create an atmosphere favorable to the exchange of legislative experiences at the national, regional and international levels. 


GPI facilitates the creation of national work groups of parliamentarians in each of the countries in the Americas. To become a member of the IAPG, parliamentarians must share the GPI’s vision and support the Program of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Members of the GPI network first join a parliamentarian group on population and development in their country. Each parliamentary group is a national group of three (3) or more parliamentarians that: 

  • Is representative of its corresponding national parliament (government or opposition party) or of any similar type of legislative body;
  • Represents a country in North America, Central America, South America or the Caribbean; – Has a clearly defined mission;
  • Holds at least two (2) regular meetings during the year;
  • Has a coordinator and a local secretariat.

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