What We Do

Our Focus

Our parliamentary partners and groups represent all parties and affiliations, uniting parliamentarians to work on a common agenda across party lines. This in it of itself serves one of our main objectives, to create a dialogue among parliamentarians in a “safe space” for exchange of information and ideas. 


GPI convenes parliamentary dialogues, trainings, provides policy guidance and serves as a key resource for parliamentarians. GPI endeavours to be a partner and provide parliamentarians with the tools they need to be effective in promoting and advancing the SDGs, the ICPD and Beijing agendas in the region.   


Our main strategy is to promote the creation of working groups of parliamentarians in every country in the Americas, where each member commits to promoting and strengthening the sustainable development agenda in his or her country. At a global level, the GPI promotes legislators’ participation in various High-Level meetings, international conferences and relevant preparatory committees.


The GPI’s Secretariat in Panama gives crucial support to the regional network. It coordinates, facilitates and provides the technical support to the parliamentarians through awareness raising and capacity building activities, providing a space for dialogue and the exchange of ideas and best practices.



GPI’s Secretariat provides a critical service to the parliamentary groups and is uniquely placed, with one foot in parliaments in the region, the other with civil society networks, to advice and serve as an important bridge between multiple stakeholders.  GPI’s Secretariat is a key component and plays the vital role of serving as the focal point of contact for the regional and national parliamentary groups.


GPI activities are based on the goals of the ICPD (Cairo, 1994), the Fourth World Conference on Women (Beijing, 1995), the Sustainable Development Goals (New York,2015), and other international instruments adopted by governments.

In 2013, during the LAC Regional Conference on Population and Development, the “Montevideo Consensus” was approved providing a framework where sexual and reproductive rights are included as a fundamental element in advancing women’s rights. The Montevideo Consensus has been established as one of the most advanced regional instruments for the design of public policies and legal frameworks, and as a social monitoring and advocacy tool for civil society.

Our Partners and Sister
Regional Networks

Partnership and collaboration with local and international NGOs have been crucial to advancing our issues. The GPI works closely with NGOs, inter-governmental parliamentary bodies and different United Nations agencies to promote parliamentarians’ participation at the international level and to promote innovative strategies and common areas of work.  One of our closest partners and allies has been UNFPA, dating back to our foundation in the 80s.  We have also worked with other UN agencies such as UNDP, UNAIDS, UN Women.


Our sister networks have been key in supporting our issues around the world. We are part of a worldwide movement of parliamentarians that work in alliance to raise awareness about population and development issues with a particular focus on SRHR and a progressive sustainable development agenda with a human rights perspective.


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